Health & Safety / Quality

Health and safety is the first priority at every level of our 
organisation. We expect and encourage everyone to work safely, while actively 
investing in a safe environment for our employees and visitors.

A healthy working environment is fundamental to good health which is why 
we strive to achieve our ultimate goal of zero accidents, no harm and no damage
 to the environment.


The General Manager of BEL Valves Brasil holds ultimate responsibility for health and
 safety and engenders a ‘safety first’ attitude throughout the facility.

The Health and Safety Manager in the UK provides dedicated resource to ensure full 
compliance to regulatory body standards and legislation and provides the support and guidance to BEL Valves Brasil in support of our zero accidents goal. Onsite Health & Safety is managed on a day to day basis at our facility in Terra Preta.

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How do we achieve our objectives?

  • Comply with all the appropriate Health, Safety and Environmental legislation
  • Carrying out risk assessments and setting targets for improvement
  • Provide training to all employees
  • Communicate relevant and meaningful health and safety information to all to seek consultation, encourage involvement and remove complaisance
  • On-going training and awareness supported through regular auditing and risk assessment
  • Creating awareness and responding to incidents immediately with corrective actions to mitigate future occurrences
  • Sharing of best practice and lessons learned to ensure safety at every stage.
  • Professional reporting

We monitor our performance carefully and are proud of the improvements that we are making within our facility in the UK. That’s why we share our health and safety statistics with our customers, share best practice with our facilities around the world and seek advice to gain further improvements.

At BEL Valves Brasil we are working towards ISO18001 accreditation, taking the learning and knowledge acquired from our head office facility and replicating this best practice in country.


We have a reputation for delivering quality products and service to our customers and that manifests itself in everything that we do.

From the introduction of ISO 9001 and our documented quality management system which ensures that specific processes and procedures are created and adhered to, to achieve our goal of satisfying customer expectations.

Quality System

The quality management system has been established and documented as a means of ensuring that BEL Valves’ products consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

With this aim we strive to achieve customer satisfaction through the effective application of our system, which includes processes for continual improvement.

Our system has been developed to meet the requirements of:

  • BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 – Quality Management Systems Requirements
  • API specification Q1: 2008 – specification for quality programs for the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industry including the requirements for API specification 6A, 6D, 6DSS and 17D
  • The European Pressure Equipment Directive: 1997

Documented Procedures

We have a multi-tier documented quality management system which ensures the effective planning, operation and control of all our processes.

This ensures records are established and maintained in order to provide evidence of conformity to requirements and the effective operation of the quality management system.

External approval of the Quality Management System

Our quality management system has been assessed and approved by Bureau Veritas and API in the UK and we also have quality management approval from a number of our key customers.


The full scope of our quality management system ensures that quality is maintained throughout our processes at the UK operational facility and extending out to our local businesses.

These processes are effective throughout our supply chain and the design, manufacture and commissioning process.

Contact Us

We encourage customers to visit our facilities, but appreciate that this is not always possible which is why we have established a network of local contacts closer to home.

Membership & Accreditation

3rd party verification of our products provides customers with an added assurance of quality, safety and reliability.

Membership of the leading industry associations facilitates market development and a wider understanding of the issues influencing the oil and gas industry.

BEL Valves Brasil accreditations