Brand Guidelines

A corporate identity is far more than just a name or a logo. it’s about how that brand is applied in a consistent and controlled manner to ensure that the integrity of the brand‚ and in turn, the organisation, is maintained under all conditions and in every situation, as far as possible.
Careful use of the brand, following these brand guidelines, helps to clarify the name and what it stands for. It ensures a consistent message is given whatever the medium‚ on the screen and in print.
The guidelines are sufficiently wide to allow for interpretation and flexibility in the use of the brand, and endeavour to ensure that the brand will always be ‘workable’ both now and for the future.
Use of the logo must be approved by BEL Valves Ltd, and the logo must not be passed on to third parties without the knowledge and agreement of the BEL Valves office in the UK.

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We encourage customers to visit our facilities, but appreciate that this is not always possible which is why we have established a network of local contacts closer to home.

Membership & Accreditation

3rd party verification of our products provides customers with an added assurance of quality, safety and reliability.

Membership of the leading industry associations facilitates market development and a wider understanding of the issues influencing the oil and gas industry.

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