After Sales Support, Local Service, Project Management & Training

An oil and gas supply chain business cannot be just about product supply. The added value delivered through exceptional service is also integral to the way BEL Valves operates. We pride ourselves on open and honest transactions with our customers, suppliers and the wider industry. We ensure that our customers are given support prior to project award and actively encourage early engagement.
Once awarded, projects are managed through dedicated teams providing a consistent approach and enabling customers to ‘get to know’ their regular contacts. And of course upon completion our dedicated service organisation ensures smooth delivery, commissioning, installation and post installation support.
BEL Valves service support organisation provides customers with the skills and knowledge required for the successful completion of valve and actuator projects.
That’s why we view service as an integral part of the BEL Valves portfolio.

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We encourage customers to visit our facilities, but appreciate that this is not always possible which is why we have established a network of local contacts closer to home.

Membership & Accreditation

3rd party verification of our products provides customers with an added assurance of quality, safety and reliability.

Membership of the leading industry associations facilitates market development and a wider understanding of the issues influencing the oil and gas industry.

BEL Valves Brasil accreditations