Supply Chain

The need for a fully qualified and robust supply chain is critical to BEL Valves Brasil if demanding local project requirements are to be met.

The classic ‘Quality-Cost-Delivery’ (QCD) model is only the basic requirement for a supply chain that must also be flexible, adaptable and safety conscience to meet the high levels of service required by BEL Valves.

The major elements of our supply chain are to;

  • Select and engage with suppliers who demonstrate a strong Health and Safety culture
  • Select and engage with the “Best in Class”suppliers based upon  technical and production capability
  • Manage the supply chain by measuring key performance indicators critical to our business
    – Quality, On Time Delivery, Health & Safety and Cost
  • Pro-actively implement improvement by ‘Continuous Improvement’ initiatives

Supplier Selection – Health, Safety and Environmental requirements

Supplier commitment to HSE is critical to our supply chain management. All key suppliers are required to provide HSE accident data on request and commitment to achieving OHSAS 18001 which is recognised in the ‘Vendor Rating System’ (VRS) used to measure supplier performance.

Supplier Selection for Component Supply

The evaluation process consists of a ‘Supplier Self Assessment’ Questionnaire which is completed by the potential new supplier and which collects information regarding existing capabilities.

Suppliers are scored using a weighted system which also takes account of criticality of supply.

The content of the certification required is defined by the criticality of the component being supplied.

Supply Chain Management

We are committed to meeting our customer quality assurance requirements. Critical material is fully traceable and critical production stages are witnessed.

As part of the Supplier Relationship Management Process, regular meetings are held with key suppliers to review current and forecast orders. One of the main philosophies is to identify and work with a selected group of ‘Strategic Suppliers’ to promote collaboration and a spirit of partnership. We actively pursue long term supply agreements with key suppliers to develop trust and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Suppliers’ performance is measured  using a comprehensive ‘Vendor Rating System’ (VRS). The VRS sets targets over a range of key performance indicators and  the supplier’s performance against each target is monitored and information fed back to the supplier on a monthly basis. The VRS and all supplier related quality assurance is managed by a dedicated team in the Purchasing Department. Each supplier receives an individual performance record as shown below.

View Supplier Performance Report

A supplier development process is used to manage the improvement of suppliers. This process consists of regular ‘Supplier Rating and Review Meetings’ which use such tools as the VRS to identify improvement activities which are implemented using the ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ (PDCA) process. All improvement activities that are identified are assigned targets and are monitored using the PDCA process.

Major supplier QA issues are raised using the ‘Supplier Quality Concern’ (SQC) process which is used to notify a supplier of an issue and for the supplier to investigate the root cause of the issue and implement a permanent resolution. The key objective is to prevent the repetition of the issue.

View Supplier Selection, Evaluation and Performance

The Supplier selection, evaluation and performance process is mapped and forms an integral part of the BEL Valves business processes.

BEL Valves Brasil Supply Chain

To enable us to bring support closer to our customers we are developing a network of local supply chain partners. Where practical local supply is sought for commodities, tooling, test fittings and other ancillaries.

If you would like to be considered for provision to BEL Valves Brasil please contact us directly.

Contact Us

We encourage customers to visit our facilities, but appreciate that this is not always possible which is why we have established a network of local contacts closer to home.

Membership & Accreditation

3rd party verification of our products provides customers with an added assurance of quality, safety and reliability.

Membership of the leading industry associations facilitates market development and a wider understanding of the issues influencing the oil and gas industry.

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